Nothing is more important to our planet's prosperity than the natural resources.

By 2020, the world is expected to be home to nine billion people - over two billion more than today. All of them will require water, energy and raw materials. It is clear that unless we can become significantly more resource-efficient, we will not be able to sustain our current standard of living.

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We supply high quality recycled polymers, available in different colours and specifications. Contact us below to receive specifications of our products.

LDPE Black

From: Dark coloured film
Colour: Black colour

Suitable for: Blown film extrusion and
Extrusion of pipes.


From: Dark coloured film
Colour: Grey colour

Suitable for: Blown film extrusion and Extrusion of pipes.

LDPE Clear

From: Transparent film
Colour: Clear colour

Suitable for: Blown film extrusion.


The blown film process, used to produce polyolefin-based film, is the most widely used conversion technique for film applications. Our high quality recycled pellets are being used for production of shopping bags, waste bags and more. For extrusion of (flexibel) pipes and sheets our recycled pellets are an outcome.

Our recycled polymer pellets are being added as a cost alternative in production compared to prime polymers.


We are determined to supply high quality recycled polymers to the plastic processing industry. With many years of experience in the plastic recycling industry we understand the process of recycling like no other. Our focus is on stable quality streams, high quality recycling processing and sustainable relationship with customers active in the processing industry.

We Provide A Solution

Based on our customer needs we offer a solution for the use of recycled polymers. From film to pipes production, our recycled polymers end up in a wide range of product groups and (international) markets.


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